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Why Choose Apollo for Your Next Development Project?

At Apollo Development in Minnesota, we are your go-to, outsourced real estate development team. But what exactly does this mean? In brief, we find investors and properties for new projects. We then assemble private equity for each project and then follow them through to completion.

Our full-service approach enables us to provide you with everything your project requires, whether it’s in downtown or Small Town, U.S.A.

The Apollo Advantage: The 5 P’s

If you are here, you have likely already heard about us from one of our past clients or partners. But you may not have heard exactly why our real estate development firm stands out from the crowd. Here are five simple reasons why Apollo is right for you.

  • Portfolio: Our portfolio of past projects offers a breadth and depth of experiences you are not likely to find with others in the field. We have even earned several awards due to our continued excellence in all aspects of our business.
  • Pricing: Our experiences enable us to identify the right price for each project, which helps you in securing only the financing you require and nothing more. The better prepared you are up front ensures a smoother process throughout.
  • Process: Throughout the years, we have polished our development process to the point where we are able to take control of a full project and ensure it gets done on schedule and on budget. We have also streamlined the resolution process for any potential hiccups that may come along, which allows to resolve issues in a manner of minutes or hours—instead of days or weeks.
  • Perspective: Our overarching perspective allows everyone to make smart judgments throughout the process to complete projects as expected. And our unique perspective as hospitality business owners ourselves allows us to provide you with the unique, effective advice you need to ensure your project is a complete success.
  • Partnership: Last, but not least, is the emphasis we place on becoming partners with our clients. This is especially true in smaller communities where individuals want to team up to improve hometown.

We encourage you to pick up the phone and inquire directly about how these advantages directly fit your project’s needs.

Access the Apollo Advantage. Call Us Today.

Gain the Apollo advantage by calling us today at 763-314-0220 or by emailing our real estate development firm. With offices based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, we are available to serve clients in Minnesota and across the U.S.